Reader Compliment

A nice posting from Wendy Noah: “Talk about blessings! My friend who has been called ‘a Kahlil Gibran for the 21st century’, David Christopher, has gifted me with an Advance Reader’s Copy of his soon-to-be […]

Can Green Consumerism Work? Apparently . . .

RT @amazonwatch: RT @RnfrstAlliance: “Study after study is showing how green consumers are making a difference.” – Prez Tensie Whelan “Critics of sustainable certification and labeling programs often have fair points, but they miss […]

Excellent Trailer for Rainforest Film

Excellent trailer for documentary on the Amazon @zoetryon (Zoë Tryon) is pulling together – worth a few minutes of your time!  : “With a working title of  ‘When a tree fall in the forest….’ […]

An Inappropriate "Inappropriate content" flagging by Facebook

“Inappropriate content” story from Zoë Tryon ‘s facebook timeline: “Today when I went to log into this account – I was told I had posted inappropriate /offensive material that had to be removed by Facebook […]

Paul Hawken: “A Movement of Movements”

I absolutely love this video of Paul Hawken, speaking at Bioneers in 2005. He speaks of a spontaneous emergence of 130,000 ecological and social justice organizations springing up across Earth to address all the challenges […]