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Sample Chapter from the Book

I’ve made a free download available of the chapter entitled “The Gospel of the Universe,” in which the Sage tells the Seeker the story of creation, from the beginning of the Universe, through the creation of the galaxies, stars, and planets, up until the creation of life on Earth.

To get a free copy of this sample chapter, all we’ll need is some of your contact information. Click on the button below to get started.

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The Reader’s Guide to the Holy Universe

I created The Reader’s Guide to The Holy Universe for those who would like to have more in-depth explorations, either alone or in a group, about the content of the book.

I wrote this guide for the same reason I wrote the book—to challenge and change our stories and actions. I believe, however, that it’s vital that we not only read books, but that we also come together, face to face, and work to both change our behaviors and actions as well as our stories.

This guide, I hope, will help people not just dig a little deeper into the ideas and concepts within The Holy Universe but more deeply examine stories, and perhaps change them—both collective stories and personal stories—for the betterment of all.

I hope that these large and small groups that I’m imagining will use their discussions about The Holy Universe as a launching point for creating more community connections, more positive action, and more powerful, uplifting stories, as each of us discovers our own dance within the Great Transformation.

To get the Reader’s Guide, all we’ll need is some of your contact information. Click on the button below to get started.

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What about the Teacher’s Guide?

I know that in the back of the book it also says that there’s a Teacher’s Guide to The Holy Universe. Unfortunately, I took on far more than I could possibly complete with this project.

How soon the Teacher’s Guide will be created will depend upon how much demand there is, especially since I’ve been told that the Reader’s Guide will suffice by itself as a tool for teachers. However, if you’re a teacher who’d like to see a guide specifically for teachers, please let me know:

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