What Is Yours to Do?

Bringing Forth Planetary Mind

My hope is that readers of The Holy Universe not only find useful insights within the dialogues between the Seeker and the Sage, but that the book also gives them inspiration to find (or recommit to) their work in the world, the work to help bring forth Planetary Mind.

If you yourself are someone who is seeking guidance on finding the next step on your path, then you might find the section entitled “Getting into Action,” which is part of the Reader’s Guide to the Holy Universe, to be helpful. This section offers exercises to help people discover their role in bringing forth Planetary Mind. While it’s designed to be used within a group, an individual can also use this guide alone. Click here to find out about downloading the Reader’s Guide.

Finding Your Tribe: A Short List of Good Organizations

.      “These fellow seekers have already
.             created millions of organizations
.             working to transcend
.             the story of Modern Mind.
.            They are the myriad tiny seeds
.                   sprouting in the cracks within
.                   the story of Modern Mind.

     “It is a movement of movements,
.             with no center, no one in charge,
.                   a diversity of people
.             coming together across the globe.”
                            —THE SAGE (p. 179)

Paul Hawken used the term “movement of movements” in a speech to the Bioneers conference not long after the turn of the century. Within these movements and organizations lies a rich source of places to find your “tribe” (which seems to be a word many of us are using now to describe “like-minded and like-hearted people”). I believe it’s vital to find these people.

As Hawken says, there are millions of organizations focused on issues of ecological sustainability, social justice, and spiritual fulfillment (you’ll see these and similar triads describing such organizations). I’ve listed seven of them here, most of which have ways to connect with local community groups of some sort.

There are also “new thought” churches, such as the Centers for Spiritual Living, Unitarian Universalist and Unity churches, and liberal Christian churches, as well as action-oriented organizations, such as Move to Amend, 350.org, and the Climate Change Coalition—all of which are good places to connect with other like-minded folks.

Find your tribe. Do the work that makes your heart sing. Have fun doing it. And may our paths cross as we dance the creation of Planetary Mind.