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Part I: The Answer to the Seeker’s Questions (“A New Story of Creation”)

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In answer to the Seeker’s questions of “What is life for?” and, more poignantly, “How do I live my life given all the enormous crises we face?”, the Sage begins with the biggest story of all, going back 13.8 billion years, and reveals a new story of creation to the Seeker, from “The Beginning of All Beginnings” through the creation of galaxies, Earth, and the Web of Life.

The Sage then tells the story of the emergence and evolution of humanity, starting with the first humans, or Ancient Mind. Ancient Mind sees itself as deeply connected with the Web of Life and the Universe (while also wrestling with the shadow side of being human). Modern Mind arises from Ancient Mind, and sees itself as separate from—and the conqueror of—the Web of Life. Modern Mind becomes technologically brilliant but, over time, also becomes catastrophically destructive on a global scale.

The story ends with the emergence of Planetary Mind, which is now awakening in response to these global crises, and is perhaps evolving a new consciousness that can face these crises.

Part II: So What? (“The Great Transformation”)

In the second part, the Sage shows how this evolutionary story can guide the Seeker as he struggles with the challenges of what the Sage calls the “Great Transformation”—brought on by our collective social, ecological, and spiritual crises—and the perils and promise this Transformation brings to humanity.

The two explore the need for a deep shift in consciousness—both collectively and individually—and how Planetary Mind is bringing together the logic and fire of Modern Mind with the heart and knowledge of Ancient Mind to create a deep, fundamental change in humanity. Through the conversation and his struggles, the Seeker begins to find his role within the Great Transformation.

The Holy Universe is about story—both our personal stories and our larger cultural stories—and appeals to the “Cultural Creatives” in our midst, as well as those of us who call ourselves “spiritual but not religious.”

Table of Contents

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