Praise for The Holy Universe

For those of us who have respect for the scientific method—but who also call ourselves ‘spiritual but not religious,’ who seek a spirituality unburdened by the chains of dogma, who seek a deep connection with Creation that is based in awe and reverence for nature and the cosmos—David Christopher has done a marvelous job in helping us reclaim the word ‘Holy.’

John Robbins, New York Times bestselling author of Diet for a New America,
The Food Revolution
and others

“Truly remarkable—unites a clarity of understanding of what the human family is up against with a poetic story of where we came from and who we really are. David is an artist and an activist, a poet and a prophet. His wisdom is vibrant, moving and powerful.”

Lynne Twist, cofounder, The Pachamama Alliance;
founder of The Soul of Money Institute; and author of The Soul of Money

“Insightful and thought-provoking. . . connects the dots between challenges faced by ancient cultures and those confronting us today, in ways that inspire us all to take action.”

John Perkins, New York Times bestselling author of Hoodwinked,
Confessions of an Economic Hit Man, Psychonavigation
and others

“The story of our shared origins—not just as humanity or even life, but as the universe itself, must be told again and again for us to come home once more in time and space, to be at ease and connected. David’s telling as a conversation between Sage and Seeker brings the vastness of the story closer to our daily experience. His is a fresh and accessible voice.”

—Vicki Robin, New York Times bestselling coauthor of Your Money or Your Life,
author of Blessing the Hands that Feed Us

This book is a remarkable synthesis of modern and ancient wisdom, innovation and science. David Christopher sheds light on the creative third options that emerge when polarities or opposites are brought together to create a greater whole. Timeless, yet most relevant for our current issues and challenges we face personally and collectively.”

Angeles Arrien, Ph.D., Cultural Anthropologist, author of The Four-Fold Way,
The Nine Muses, Signs of Life
and others

The Holy Universe is a surprising and stunningly coherent weaving and celebration of both the Universe’s magnificence and the healing possibilities embedded in our unfolding cosmic journey.”

Belvie Rooks, cofounder, Growing a Global Heart

“From past to present, from mythos to mapping a practical path, The Holy Universe is a powerful insight into inspiring us all to care and then take conscious action from a deeply connected place.”

— Julia Butterfly Hill, activist, and author of The Legacy of Luna
One Makes the Difference
and Becoming: Pictures, Poems, and Stories

“David Christopher has done a brilliant job of explaining the new science of the evolution of life and the universe. His story helps us view the crises of our time in a new and more positive light, and offers a guidepost for the emerging culture of our time.”

Paul Ray, coauthor of The Cultural Creatives:
How 50 Million People Are Changing the World

“This touching story is both instructive and hopeful, two very important ingredients for these times. It both reinforced my hope that the Sages of the world are there to help those of us who seek and that our lives are never that far off track—righted by a new perspective, a new possibility, just like those described in this heart-warming tale.”

— Carolyne Stayton, Executive Director, Transition US

“David Christopher creates a much-needed bridge between a sense of cosmic wonder and our everyday experience, showing how our understanding of the meaningful unfolding of the Universe can actually inform our day-to-day struggles, questions, and yearnings. Christopher’s writing brings clarity of thought together with a spacious and compassionate view, all in the service of cultural healing.”

— Mary Gomes, Ph.D., coeditor of Ecopsychology:
Restoring the Earth, Healing the Mind

“What a magnificent conversation. Given the current state of affairs, it is easy to sink into the depths of despair.  But here, the Sage and the Seeker raise questions that plumb our intellects and souls to give rise to the thought that there might just be a way.”

— Rick Theis, founder, The Leadership Institute for Ecology and the Economy

“This is a beautifully written work about the majestic universe of which we are a part, and to which we respond with awe and reverence.”

Dr. Lowell Gustafson, Ph.D., Professor of Political Science, Villanova University;
Secretary, International Big History Association

“A great fable! A story about story, and what games we humans play on ourselves . . . creating separation and fear out of our imaginations, wasting our creative skills while distancing ourselves from one another and Creation. The Holy Universe serves as a roadmap to return to the wisdom of the ancients, before we tricked ourselves into thinking things are different from how they really are.”

John Renesch, global futurist, author of
Getting to the Better Future: A Matter of Conscious Choosing and others

“As I stand in the radiance of our holy Universe and peer into the gospel of the stars, it awakens the ancient sermon that lies deep within my soul. The Holy Universe is profoundly evocative of that sermon, and David Christopher is a modern-day sage and a master of the Coyote teaching tradition.”

Dedan Gills, poet

“Profound . . . delightful . . . gives life to the scientific creation story unlike any work I’ve seen. Highly recommended.”

Peggy Duvette, Executive Director, WiserEarth.org

“David Christopher is a Kahlil Gibran for the 21st century. His book uses the venerable tradition of the teaching-story to guide us toward a deeper understanding of the Great Transformation that is the setting for our lives. For readers with a spiritual sensibility,The Holy Universe offers a cosmic perspective grounded in ecological sensibility.”

Richard Heinberg, Senior Fellow, Post Carbon Institute,
author of The End of Growth, The Party’s Over and others

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