Some thoughts others have offered about David’s book and his appearances:

“David, after attending two of your readings, including the one at Unity Church of Palo Alto, I am impressed by the excellent way in which you have married the spiritual and scientific narratives into such an inspiring and fascinating story. I enjoyed how your engaging readings provoked questions and interactions from the groups, and the sessions showed me how relatable and significantly you have woven nuances on several levels into your book.  For me, the time allowed for your readings could have been longer.  Thank you.”

—Candy Preston, Retired Spiritual Leader, Unity of Fresno

“David, thank you—as usual, an excellent job! There were big kudos to you in the Worship Committee meeting and from the congregation for the wonderful stories, the engagement with the audience, the very thoughtful way you put it all together. They were especially blown away by your outstanding recitations of the creation story from your book. You are an excellent speaker. Bravo!”

—Stacey Meinzen, Worship Associate, Unitarian Universalists of Petaluma

“My students really appreciated your coming to our class to explore your book more deeply.  As you saw, many of them really engaged with the materials on several levels.  Even the skeptics found the conversations rewarding and thought-provoking.  Just a few weeks ago I bumped into one of the students again in the library, and she told me that she keeps thinking about all we covered in The Holy Universe.  This one stays on the reading list.”

—Dr. Richard J. Senghas, Professor, Sonoma State University

“…you could hear a pin drop, the group was so captivated with what you were saying.”

—R. B. Hines, Environmental Business Council