An Inappropriate "Inappropriate content" flagging by Facebook

“Inappropriate content” story from ZoĆ« Tryon ‘s facebook timeline:

“Today when I went to log into this account – I was told I had posted inappropriate /offensive material that had to be removed by Facebook – I was shown a photograph of me and a beautiful Waorani grandmother. At first I literally thought it was a mistake as I could see nothing inappropriate or offensive – we are both smiling broadly, we had just cooked dinner together that her husband had hunted for us, she had just given me her favorite necklace of turkey bones and I had given her one of mine. The photo captured a moment of connection and joy. Friends of mine who posted likes and comments agreed – they spoke to the happiness they saw in both our eyes.

“Then it dawned on me that her breasts were showing. She was dressed in her traditional clothes, with uncovered breasts. Breasts which have given life to 6 grown children are not something to be ashamed of in her culture, but to be honored. I am shocked that FB deems that offensive. I have seen far more gratuitous and offensive photos pass straight by the censors. Boobs are beautiful, sensual but also life giving! I honor my mother and all mothers who have given life through breast feeding their babies (I actually honor all mothers whether they breastfeed or not) What are your thoughts? . . . I have edited and cut the photo (so as not to re-offend FB) and reposted.”

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