"Mind Your Stories"

At the seashore with a young friend

I created this piece for the Inspire Me Today website.

Mind your stories.

Mind your stories; question them often.
     Nourish those that serve.

Change those that do not.
Far easier said than done, yes?
.            For many of our darker stories
     have cut grooves in the primordial stone of our psyches—
.            and the river of mind all too easily turns back into
.                  these dark and shadowy valleys.
.      So mind also your story
.            about changing your story;
.            be quick to forgive
.                  both yourself and your world
.            should the story be slow to change.

Mind your stories; know them for what they are.
.     For more than it is through your wild circumstances,
 .           it is instead through your stories
 .           that you might find
.                       health,
 .                prosperity,
 .          and happiness.

Mind your stories about health,
.      about what is sickness, wellness,
.            and suffering.
.      For it is not your suffering,
.            but your stories about suffering
.            that makes pain either buoyant
.                  or burdensome.

Mind your stories about prosperity,
.      about what is enough.
.      For it is not your desire,
.            but your stories about desire
.                  that leaves you
.                  either full or wanting.
.     If you find yourself succumbing to envy,
.            surround yourself with the impoverished.
.      If you find yourself succumbing to
.                  anger,
.                  pride,
.                  or vanity,
.            surround yourself with those
.            who are kind, gentle, and wise.
.      Do these things, and you may learn
.            of the deeper meaning of prosperity.

Mind your stories about happiness,
.            about what will bring you joy.
.      Be wary of striving for happiness;
.            it would be like striving to grow a flower garden.
.      You can do only this:
.            find a sunny place for the soul,
.            prepare the soil of your destiny,
.            water the seeds of what might be,
.            tend to the weeds of shadowy stories,
.                  and then,
.                        perhaps,
.      the rose will bloom all bright and shining . . .
.            but you can never force her to do so.

And beyond health, prosperity, and happiness,
.            mind your larger story.
.      Mind your story about your place in our cosmos.
.            Know that along with all of the beings
.                        of the Web of Life,
.                  you, too, are a child of the Infinite:
.                  that great, mysterious process
.                        that worked patiently
.                  for billions of years
.            to bring your tiny but delightful
.                  sacred sparkle of stardust
.                        into being.

Finally, mind your contribution to our larger story.
.      Ponder your place in the possibility
.            that we are growing beyond
.                  both the story of gods and goddesses
.                       serving or stymying us
.                  and the old scientific story
.                        of a decaying and meaningless Universe
.            to a new story of the Infinite,
.                  a Planetary Story of a mysteriously creative Universe.
.      Know that we each have a place
.            in the birth of this emerging story,
.                  and that yours is a vital role as midwife.

For it is through our new story that we can awaken
.         to a deeper communion with Earth,
.                  know and love our place within her Web of Life,
.                           rejoice in her,
.                  and share in her bounty.
.         And we do so with gratitude, respect,
.                           and humility,
.                  for we know that, while we have learned much,
.                           there is still much to learn
.                  as our Planetary Story awakens within
.                           our Holy Universe.

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