Paul Hawken: “A Movement of Movements”

I absolutely love this video of Paul Hawken, speaking at Bioneers in 2005. He speaks of a spontaneous emergence of 130,000 ecological and social justice organizations springing up across Earth to address all the challenges that we collectively face.

That is, back in 2005 he said there were 130,000. In 2008, he updated the number to over 2 million.

He documents this movement in his book, Blessed Unrest (which I highly recommend), and calls this movement “humanity’s immune response” to the crises that Modern Mind has brought forth on Earth. You can follow some of the organizations in this movement at

This is one of the key videos in the Awakening the Dreamer, Changing the Dream Symposium put on by the Pachamama Alliance, and one I find delightfully inspiring whenever I watch it.

(By the way… if you get an error [which may happen in Firefox], just click on the window again, and it should take you to the original YouTube file.)

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