Readers' Responses

In addition to the seventeen reviews on Amazon (4.9 out of five stars), below are some readers’ responses to reading The Holy Universe.

Rana C:

“I am in love with this story! I have told everyone about it; I can’t help but bring it up! Random people are on the BART [subway train] and all the Baha’i friends are writing down your name . . . saying, ‘I should read this book’!

I don’t know where to begin. This story evokes so much for me and I believe it will touch many, many people in many, many good ways . . . I finished it last night and now would like to read it again! The story comes to me at a much needed juncture in life, actually.

I really believe this is an inspired piece of work . . . besides being spiritually inspired, you are a wonderful writer. The prose is beautiful and the design of the lessons and stories flow in an accessible and deeply wise fashion.”

Mary M:

“I greet you with the word Namaste, a bow, and a huge grin, David; I finished reading the [PDF copy of the] book last night on my knees in front of my desk, which enabled me to keep reading even after my rear end had gotten tired from sitting.

When I finally did finish in the wee hours of last night, I found myself just chuckling as I got to my feet, with the simple word “Beautiful” coming over and over in my mind. I’m warmed through and through by the book, David.”

Carol M:

“[I received your book yesterday] and I haven’t put it down yet! I’m a biological anthropologist and was recently part of a lecture series on the ‘History of Everything.’ Your book states eloquently many of the points I’ve tried so hard to make, both in the series and in my classes throughout my career.

After thirty years of teaching I’m taking notes about almost every page: ‘Yes, no, wait, yes, word this differently, yes, YES, YES,’ I love the book and fervently hope that it will be a best-seller . . . your message, so far as I’m discerning it, is what everyone needs to understand if there’s any chance of us not creating a further holocaust. Thank you, thank you for writing it!”

Kim M:

“Totally captivating! I loved the ‘surprise’ [the revelation of the Sage being a woman]; it was not what I expected. I’ve already read Part I and found it insightful, and so applicable to everyday life. I am really enjoying your book; thank you!”

Maisa A:

“Oh, David! I couldn’t stop reading . . . I really wanted to see where the conversation between the Sage and Seeker went (especially after the birthday story). Well, they dove into much more than I had imagined. Loved the underlying conversation about the stories we create and tell ourselves and how we operate out of them alienating ourselves further.

I enjoy the way your narration navigates the ancient and the modern worldview and the story of creation.

I was telling some of my colleagues about the book and we discussed how much sometimes we think we know all about the story of separation, not realizing we might be doing just that . . . separating.

Thank you so much for such an incredible gift.”

Beal L:

“Well, I have read your book and am delighted to tell you that I think it is absolutely marvelous and just right as the medium for telling the story in classrooms. I will get back to you with more talk and to explore more of how I might contribute to our work. For now, I just wanted to alert you to the review of the book which I posted at Amazon.

I am sending copies of the books to contacts of mine who are supporters of Thomas Berry at Green Mountain Monastery and Genesis Farm (Miriam MacGillis) and to Mary Evelyn Tucker who produced the Journey of the Universe video and book with Brian Swimme. Maybe they will be inclined to write reviews too.
Wonderful work!”

Peter S:

“The book is fantastic, and I’m buying copies for my friends. I knew that the content would be excellent but the writing surpassed my expectations. You should be proud, and we’re all thankful for this contribution.”

Jackie S:

“I have devoured “new thought” for most of my life but something is still missing—I believe I may have found it with your book . . . I love your book David. Super creative and outside of the box. My goodness! A book outside of the box for people who already think outside of the box. How cool is that.

Rarely do I emote when I read, but I was in tears on page one. I SO relate to the void of modern life creating a chasm in my soul. I, too, walked away from a well-paying corporate job in 2005 and have been flailing around ever since. Still looking for something. I now study the works of Dr. Joe Dispenza and do his guided meditations several times a week. Between your work and his, I believe I may start getting somewhere.”

Sue S:

“I just finished reading The Holy Universe! It is a powerful expression and deepening of the vision of the [Awakening the Dreamer] symposium, touching both my mind and heart! I’m so grateful we connected on that [readers’ gathering] call! I have already been sharing the book/website with others!”

Allison Q:

“Really enjoying [your book]—love the format! It’s also great to see the similarities in my own process of integrating the scientific story into a personal, values-laden story.”

Sue B:

“I think you achieved an excellent telling of the Universe Story that was easily readable and didn’t overwhelm us with science. Very much enjoyed the way you used the idea of Ancient, Modern, and Planetary mind to map our evolution toward what Tielhard de Chardin would call ‘Homo Universalis’ while at the same time waking us up to the importance of story in our lives and the life of everything else that we’re a part of.

Resonated with all the sage was saying and welcomed that you’d broken the stereotype of only a man can be a sage. Did find myself thinking one of the reasons you made the sage female was so that your seeker wouldn’t feel so much of a need to defend his story as he might have if the sage was male? I liked that he was a nice guy and very respectful of the sage’s new ideas, as many I’ve spoken to on the subject would become defensive and say things like ‘You’re talking rubbish, it’s not a story it’s reality’ but then maybe I tend to blurt out my passion for the New Story and come across as a crazy woman!

Loved the way you included Brian Swimme’s and others’ tools for expanding our consciousness to see ourselves as part of the mystery and wonder of this unfathomable universe.

All in all David you wove a great deal of timely information and thought provoking ideas into a very readable story that I felt most could relate to. Beautifully done, I will be sharing it.”

Jim P:

“The most important book I’ve read in years.

It was a revelation to read the book, with so many timely and timeless ideas tied into a story which somehow gives it all a greater gravity. Then reading it a second time (when my wife gave me a copy for my birthday) it was as if something powerful hit home and there was a great resonating connection. Thank you for that.

It strikes me this evening that The Holy Universe would make a great discussion group and I am going to look into doing that here in Bellingham within my circle of friends. It’s a great opportunity for different approaches and viewpoints to find common ground by sharing in the same story . . . one that we are participating in writing with each breath here on this precious Earth.”