Guest Essay: Do Birds Sing?

During my last trip to Los Angeles, Cheryl Leutjen and I put on a workshop entitled “From Eco-Angst to Eco-Engagement: Navigating Your Path Through the Global Crises of Our Time with Integrity, Love and Grace.” […]

Cheryl Leutjen, her Daughter, and Iron Jawed Angels

Cheryl Leutjen was kind enough to host a living room reading of  The Holy Universe at her home in Los Angeles in June 2014. She calls herself, among other things, a “geologist, environmental law attorney, […]

Four Ways of Looking at Catastrophic Climate Change, and What They’re All Missing

We’re in the middle of our takeoff roll when the red “door open” light flashes on the CAP panel. According to the light, the main door on the left side of the aircraft’s fuselage is […]

The Holy Universe Goes to College

Over the past year, I offered guest lectures in two different second-semester Big History classes at Dominican University: “Myth and Metaphor through the Lens of Big History,” and “Human Cultures and Political Systems through the […]