Excerpt: "We Are Not At the Eleventh Hour, We Are At *The* Hour"

. From the chapter entitled “The Journey through the Great Transformation” One of the most difficult things I face day-to-day is how to live one’s life out in the world of Modern Mind, knowing how […]

Excerpt: "I Didn't See Any Sexism in High School"

  From the chapter entitled “Personal Story” For someone like me, who comes from a place of privilege in confronting the ecological issues of our time, it was a real eye-opener to realize that the […]

The Smallest Vessel Project

What the Smallest Vessel Project Is The Video: The video, The Smallest Vessel, debuted at the Jerome Film Festival in Jerome, Arizona in late 2023. We plan on releasing it to the public this coming […]

Excerpt: Beauty and the New Story

. From the chapter entitled “The Essences of the Web of Life” This particular piece came to me as I was studying some basics of what’s called “Ecoliteracy,” which is a holistic approach to understanding natural […]

Excerpt: "Ancient Prophecies"

. .“There are those .         raised within the story .                of Ancient Mind, .        who see the value of what Modern Mind .                has to offer .        and who recognize the need . […]

Excerpt: "The Young Story"

. .“This story of the Universe,” .        said the Sage, .        “is a young story; it is changing .                as we discover and rediscover more .                        about ourselves, .                        our planet, .                        our galaxy, .                        […]