1. Sample Chapter: “The Gospel of the Universe”

Click on the button below to download the sample chapter entitled “The Gospel of the Universe,” in which the Sage tells the Seeker the story of creation, from the beginning of the Universe, through the creation of the galaxies, stars, and planets, up until the creation of life on Earth.

Download “The Gospel of the Universe”


2. The Reader’s Guide to the Holy Universe

Click on this button below to download The Reader’s Guide to The Holy Universe. I put this together for those who would like to have more in-depth explorations, either alone or in a group, about the content of the book.

Download the Reader’s Guide

Saving and Printing the Reader’s Guide: To save and/or print the Reader’s Guide, you may need to use the commands from within your browser’s window, and not the “File -> Print” from the menu (you’ll know that you’ve done it wrong if the file won’t print, or you get a “file damaged” warning when you try to open up a saved file).


3. Excerpt: “Privilege” (from the Chapter “Stories of Modern Mind”)

Click on the button below to download the a section from The Holy Universe entitled “Privilege” (which is an excerpt from the chapter called “Stories of Modern Mind), which also includes resources for further study on privilege and race.

SPOILER ALERTThe excerpt included in this download begins at page 208 of  The Holy Universe. It reveals a surprise about attributes of characters that are guarded in earlier portions of the book, for particular effect. If you want to enjoy this surprise, make sure you also download and read the first few pages from “The Gospel of the Universe” before you read the “Privilege” excerpt.

Download “Privilege” excerpt and resources



Where’s the Teacher’s Guide?

I know that in the back of the book it also says that there’s a Teacher’s Guide to The Holy Universe. Unfortunately, I took on far more than I could possibly complete before the publication date, and even before the end of the year.

How soon the Teacher’s Guide will be created will depend upon how much demand there is, especially since I’ve been told that the Reader’s Guide just might suffice by itself as a tool for teachers. However, if you’re a teacher who’d like to see a guide specifically for teachers, then please let me know:

Request to be put on the mailing list for the Teacher’s Guide

I’d love it if you let me know what you think about these —especially if you use the Reader’s Guide with a book club or group. Please post your thoughts and questions—you can click here to go to the Facebook page.

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