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This is my “unblog,” wherein I expand on certain excerpts from the book that focus on ecological sustainability, social justice, and spiritual fulfillment, and where I post interviews and stories of people doing good work in the world. I’ve also included some posts about my travels as I give talks at various events as well as lessons for Sunday services at churches.

I call it an unblog because writing is hard for me—I will work for about an hour to get three small paragraphs of writing to a point where I begin to like it.

So instead of trying to do a weekly blog, instead of churning out “content” (I hate that term) that would necessarily be substandard, I’ve chosen to write what I can, when I can, without the pressure of arbitrary deadlines. I hope more useful and enjoyable entries emerge as a result.



The Smallest Vessel Project

David Christopher

What the Smallest Vessel Project Is The Video: The video, The Smallest Vessel, debuted at the Jerome Film Festival in Jerome, Arizona in late 2023. We plan on releasing it to the public this coming […]

Hello world!

David Christopher

Welcome to WordPress. This is your first post. Edit or delete it, then start writing!

Excerpt: "We Are Not At the Eleventh Hour, We Are At *The* Hour"

David Christopher

. From the chapter entitled “The Journey through the Great Transformation” One of the most difficult things I face day-to-day is how to live one’s life out in the world of Modern Mind, knowing how […]

Excerpt: "I Didn't See Any Sexism in High School"

David Christopher

  From the chapter entitled “Personal Story” For someone like me, who comes from a place of privilege in confronting the ecological issues of our time, it was a real eye-opener to realize that the […]

Excerpt: Beauty and the New Story

David Christopher

. From the chapter entitled “The Essences of the Web of Life” This particular piece came to me as I was studying some basics of what’s called “Ecoliteracy,” which is a holistic approach to understanding natural […]

I Do Not Know What to Make of Memorial Day

David Christopher

While it might seem off-topic when considering my typical work, this piece reflects some of the struggles I have in living in the world of Modern Mind. You can hear a shorter version of this […]

The Holy Universe wins Silver in the 2014 Nautilus Book Awards

David Christopher

Last week I opened up an email that said: “Congratulations—your book is a 2014 Nautilus Silver Winner!” They used words like “outstanding book” and “proud to have you.” And they had a list of other […]

Excerpt: "Ancient Prophecies"

David Christopher

. .“There are those .         raised within the story .                of Ancient Mind, .        who see the value of what Modern Mind .                has to offer .        and who recognize the need . […]

Excerpt: "The Young Story"

David Christopher

. .“This story of the Universe,” .        said the Sage, .        “is a young story; it is changing .                as we discover and rediscover more .                        about ourselves, .                        our planet, .                        our galaxy, .                        […]

"Mind Your Stories"

David Christopher

I created this piece for the Inspire Me Today website. Mind your stories. Mind your stories; question them often. .      Nourish those that serve. Change those that do not. Far easier said than done, yes? […]

Reader Compliment

David Christopher

A nice posting from Wendy Noah: “Talk about blessings! My friend who has been called ‘a Kahlil Gibran for the 21st century’, David Christopher, has gifted me with an Advance Reader’s Copy of his soon-to-be […]

Can Green Consumerism Work? Apparently . . .

David Christopher

RT @amazonwatch: RT @RnfrstAlliance: “Study after study is showing how green consumers are making a difference.” – Prez Tensie Whelan “Critics of sustainable certification and labeling programs often have fair points, but they miss […]

Excellent Trailer for Rainforest Film

David Christopher

Excellent trailer for documentary on the Amazon @zoetryon (Zoë Tryon) is pulling together – worth a few minutes of your time!  : “With a working title of  ‘When a tree fall in the forest….’ […]

An Inappropriate "Inappropriate content" flagging by Facebook

David Christopher

“Inappropriate content” story from Zoë Tryon ‘s facebook timeline: “Today when I went to log into this account – I was told I had posted inappropriate /offensive material that had to be removed by Facebook […]

Paul Hawken: “A Movement of Movements”

David Christopher

I absolutely love this video of Paul Hawken, speaking at Bioneers in 2005. He speaks of a spontaneous emergence of 130,000 ecological and social justice organizations springing up across Earth to address all the challenges […]

Crop Circles: Created by the Most Accomplished Artists on Earth

David Christopher

My friend Mick took me to Salisbury, near where many of the crop circles were appearing. He became disillusioned when it came out that two men were behind what was then called a hoax—but now, […]

The Holy Universe Goes to College

David Christopher

Over the past year, I offered guest lectures in two different second-semester Big History classes at Dominican University: “Myth and Metaphor through the Lens of Big History,” and “Human Cultures and Political Systems through the […]

Film Trailer: Journey of the Universe

David Christopher

Recently I saw  Brian Swimme and Mary Evalyn Tucker’s Journey of the Universe, a delightful documentary that follows Brian as he tours Samos, the Greek island that was the birthplace of the ancient Greek philosopher […]